A new comic book from "visionary" creator Tristan Marsh

Line of example panels from The Underdogs 1 Cass Shoots a Pistol

The Underdogs! They were kidnapped, experimented on, not allowed to go on the internet. But now, they’ve escaped! Follow them as they attempt to fight the evil G.L.A.D.Y.S., a worldwide consipracy with unlimited resourses and the will to kill. TWO ISSUES OUT NOW!


Line of example panels from The Underdogs 1

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Tristan Gabriel Marsh is here to make your life better. Whether coding, designing, illustrating or photographing, Tristan Gabriel Marsh is all about it. You can’t go wrong when you have someone this committed to the best work, as soon as possible. And do we have to mention professionalism? Because he has it in spades.

Remember the Tristan Gabriel Marsh motto:

Always The Best, First Time, Every Time