Tristan Marsh


Tristan Gabriel Marsh is an art man. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design’s Illustration department in May of ’08. While there, he fell in love with pen and ink, photography and animation. While those three dominate most of his time, variety is the spice of life, and he keeps his quiet moments contented with painting and printing, writing and music. With so many artistic interests, he doesn’t really have many hobbies.

Tristan Gabriel Marsh is a computer man. He is the go-to man for web development, having taught himself various forms of programming at a young age. Sometimes a way to make money, other times a way to sharpen his mind, and still other times a new form of art, his mind works well with it, because it works like his mind. He likes his code like he likes his muscle cars, clean, simple and perfect in every way.

Tristan Gabriel Marsh is a comics man. He’s been interested in comics since he was a kid, and found himself studying them while most kids were reading them. Will Eisner’s The Spirit is his bible, and that means Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics is the McGraw Hill science textbook he still has from high school.

Tristan Gabriel Marsh is a design man. Entranced at a young age by gig posters for his dads old band from the heyday of Texas Punk, he resolved to one day make it rich drawing flyers for people with guitars. Devastated to learn that people with guitars rarely pay $10,000 for a poster, he decided to instead incorporate all of the design elements he loves, including tattoos, maps, photocopies and scientific illustration, into his everyday life.

Tristan Gabriel Marsh was born in Texas, and lives in New York City. He loves thai food, whiskey and Utz “Red Hot” potato chips. He is a film fan. He has strong opinions about religion, politics, and what the best western of all time is. He is a music man. He thinks it is scary when you have more than a year solidĀ of music, and he also thinks it’s a point of pride. He knows a lot about a lot, because he loves to read. He has a lot of hobbies, but not much sleep.