The Underdogs! They were kidnapped, experimented on, not allowed to go on the internet. But now, they’ve escaped! Follow them as they attempt to fight the evil G.L.A.D.Y.S., a worldwide consipracy with unlimited resourses and the will to kill.

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New Patreon Tiers!

Are you frustrated keeping up with all of the comics coming out of Do you wish you could just have new comics show up in your mailbox every month… or so? Well, I have good news for you! Patreon Tiers!

The mini comic I made last month was so successful, I’m going to do more of them! Starting in December, I’m going to try to put out a mini-comic a month. And now that I’m going to be making comics more regularly, we have some new Patreon tiers. For five dollars, automatically get a digital PDF copy of ANY comic (I self publish). For ten dollars, automatically get a physical copy of ANY comic (I self publish). Hell, I’ll even sign it for you, maybe draw something fun on the envelope.

But, in order to celebrate, I’m gifting all of my current patrons free digital copies of: The Underdogs 1, The Underdogs 2, and Dragging A Ship. Expect to see Dragging A Ship in your inbox later this week!

Wow! So many great news! And, I’m gonna be making more comics. Can you believe it!? I sure can’t!

Have a good one.

Comic Arts Brooklyn was super fun!

I was at Comic Arts Brooklyn! I spend a day or two volunteering helping set up, and met a whole bunch of cool people. And then in the later half of the day, I tabled at their volunteer table. I actually had a pretty good day, I sold or traded a bunch of books, and I had a good time. We were right by the entrance, so that was, something.

I’m going to try to do more of these, try to start local and then fan out if it feels right. I loved meeting people and chatting, and I want to make more connections in the future: I am notoriously shit at networking, but now that I’m actually producing something, it would be a shame if it all fell through because I didn’t know anyone who could help me and never told anyone about the comic or whatever.

Here, check out some cool photos of me being a little comic book boy:

A resounding success! As always, for preview pages and to buy the comics, check out

Two New Comics!

That’s right, I’ve got TWO NEW comics out. One is the exciting follow up to The Underdogs Issue 1, appropriately titled: THE UNDERDOGS, ISSUE 2. There’s rockets, robots, Street Fighter 2, and, if you keep your eyes peeled, Feminist Khmer Rouge. Everything you could want! Check out this awesome preview page:

There’s also DRAGGING A SHIP THROUGH SILENT SANDS. A shorty little comic about a woman dragging a ship through the desert, it’s also about a corpse that won’t shut up, existentialism, dinosaurs being the chosen people of god, and the legacy of monotheism in damaging our collective psyche and the power of animism in healing that damage. If you’re thinking “Wow, seems like it would be kind of boring, huh?” it isn’t, it’s a seven page set up for a one page joke, and it’s very good. Check it out:

They are available TODAY at COMIC ARTS BROOKLYN, at the Pratt campus. Or, for more preview pages and to buy the comics over the internet, check out Send that link to your families and friends, Underdogs 1, Underdogs 2, and Dragging A Ship, all three would make a lovely end of year holiday gift! Digital prints, Physical prints, you can get them signed! Awesome!

See me at Comic Arts Brooklyn!

November 2nd, Pratt Campus! I will be at the volunteer table from 3-7pm, and will be debuting TWO NEW COMICS! Please, come out and see me, my comic books are so lonely, they need friends.

The Underdogs: Now in Other States!

You can now get The Underdogs at:

Chicago Comics
3244 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657


Atomic Books
3620 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21211

If you’re in Chicago or Baltimore, check ’em out!

Damn, people, Underdogs is now at Anyone Comics!

The Underdogs, Issue 1, is available at Anyone Comics in Brooklyn. One step closer to complete comic book store coverage! Head on over to 1216 Union Street to buy a copy, ya jamoke! no photo this time ill swing back through this thursday

Underdogs, Issue 1, now available at Desert Island Comics!

As of last night, The Underdogs, Issue 1, is available at Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn. Head on over to 540 Metropolitan Ave to buy a copy, or are you some kind of idiot?!

Underdogs 1 OUT NOW!

Underdogs 1 debuted Wrestlemania weekend, April 7th, at Wrestlesplania’s SplaniaMania! Exciting! Next step is to get it in stores, but when it’s got such fun and outrageous art and writing, that should be easy, right?! I mean, check this out!

under2 under1




You want a summary, sure! The Underdogs, issue 1! Imagine this: you’re a test subject in evil experiments, held captive by a shadowy international cabal, and tortured daily until you manifest strange, unearthly powers. What do you do? Do you accept your fate and just let them keep jabbing you with science implements? Hell no, you break away, kid! Follow our six protagonists as they attempt to escape from GLADYS, the aforementioned shadowy international cabal, in the rollicking (sp?) first issue of… THE UNDERDOGS!

So just watch this hyperspace for more info about where you can get it. OR! Buy it now at  my BigCartel store!

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